What is Access Tech?

Access Tech is a technology-centered education training initiative powered by JumpStart with funding from Verizon. Training is offered at no cost to Cleveland residents and is aimed at providing career builders, job seekers, entrepreneurs and small businesses the digital tools and training they need to thrive in the digital economy.

Access Tech brings these community partners together to expand digital access and digital literacy training: The Economic and Community Development Institute, the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development, Urban City Codes, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and JumpStart.

Who is eligible for Access Tech programs?

Access Tech is for adults 18+ who reside in the city of Cleveland. Candidates must have a willingness to explore new technologies and software. Any participant who applies for a training program must commit to completing the program in its entirety to be considered for acceptance.

What types of skills and programming can I expect through Access Tech?

Access Tech provides foundational technology training, such as computer and internet training, IT-focused career development training, as well as entrepreneurship and small business training. All training is delivered by industry experts and facilitators who understand and relate to all participants’ learning styles and needs. Participants can expect to engage in training to get exposure to Microsoft Office, Google applications, QuickBooks, project management concepts, virtual training platforms, tech careers in cybersecurity, drone aviation, customer service IT, software development and many more.

The majority of Access Tech trainings are provided virtually, but we are anticipating most of our partners will begin to host in person trainings as CDC guidelines relax current restrictions. At the current time Access Tech does not have the ability to provide continuous 1-on-1 and/or in person assistance.

How long are most Access Tech training programs? Will I need to attend all the trainings?

Training options range from 30-minute, self-guided, on-demand sessions to 12-week cohort-based programs. All Access Tech participants must attend a minimum of 4 workshops.

I work. Do you offer training programs in the evenings and on weekends?

We understand everyone’s schedule is different, so we have tried to make our best efforts to ensure programs are accessible by all. Check out the Training Programs page for evening and weekend options.

Is there a certification or credential I get at the end of the program?

Access Tech training programs offer both introductory exposure and more in-depth training programs to prepare you for certifications in Microsoft Office, Google Applications, Cybersecurity and many others. Check out the Training Programs page to see which programs and courses prep you for a certification.

What do I do if I don’t have a computer or access to the internet to participate in training?

Access Tech will provide one new laptop and free high-speed internet (20 GB/month) via a Mi-Fi hotspot to program participants as needed. Participants must be accepted into a partner-provided Access Tech training program to qualify. Visit the Training Programs page to sign up for training.

Access Tech strives to ensure all program participants receive their device kit before their training begins. However, receipt of a device kit is dependent upon the date of training program acceptance.

Do I have to return the computer and Mi-Fi hotspot after I complete my training program?

The laptop and Mi-Fi hotspot are considered investments in your technology-centered future, and are yours to keep once you have completed the program requirements. This is made possible by JumpStart and Verizon. Participants are given devices in advance by committing to attend a minimum of four Access Tech workshops or programs.

How much does it cost to participate in Access Tech?

Access Tech is funded by Verizon. There is no cost for any of the training programs or access to technology. The only cost is your time and commitment to participate.

What if I have a problem with the computer? Do I have access to tech support?

Access Tech will provide English and Spanish tech support to participants who opt-in to receive a device once accepted in a training program. Tech support can be reached through the Access Tech support hotline 216.456.2665 Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. If you don’t reach someone directly, please leave a message, and the Access Tech team will respond within two business days.

I learn better in person, what options do you have for in-person training?

Access Tech training providers do offer some in-person training programs now, but the majority are still virtual. Check out the program schedule to find out which programs are offered in-person especially as CDCs guidelines change in the coming weeks and months.

Do you offer programming in Spanish?

Training programs are offered in Spanish through Access Tech’s partner, the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development (NEOHCED). Look for training programs offered by NEOHCED on the Training Programs page.

Am I limited to only attending one training program?

Individuals are encouraged to apply to any training programs offered. Given there are limits on some of the class sizes and requirements, acceptance into a cohort is not guaranteed.

What’s the difference between an Event and a Training Program?

Events are open to the public and not restricted to just program participants. These are intended to be informational and inspiring to help people learn and network as they are either engaging in their programming or determining next steps.

Can I get a laptop or Mi-Fi hotspot if I attend an Event but not a training program?

Laptops and Mi-Fis are available only to Cleveland residents accepted in an Access Tech training program. Event attendees are encouraged to learn more about the trainings offered through Access Tech. Visit the Training Programs page to sign up.