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Training Prerequisite: Existing access to a working computer or a mobile device with connectivity is required for participation in this training. 

Only residents of Cleveland who register for this self-led program are eligible to receive the Access Tech Northstar learner account.

Gain skills at your own pace. Schedule your Northstar digital literacy learning around your other obligations. You can choose to spend a Saturday,  30-minutes before bedtime, or on your ride to an appointment as an opportunity to become more proficient in digital literacy. Experience self-led lessons in the following three areas Essential Computer Skills, Essential Software Skills, and Using Technology in Daily Life.

You will need access to a working computer, or a mobile device with connectivity to access your training from anywhere. 

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* The training is intended to be informational and inspiring to help people learn and network as they are either engaging in their programming or determining the next steps. Access Tech devices cannot be obtained by registering as a participant in this training. To obtain a device registration through Tech Up To Get Started or another Access Tech training program is required.
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