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Event Prerequisite: All participants must have received their Access Tech device kit prior to signing up for this training event. To receive a device kit, you can either enroll in Tech Up to Get Started or register for an Access Tech partner training program.

In this 30 minute event we will provide a step-by step overview of accessing the Northstar digital literacy learning tool. After participating in this event you will walk away with the tools needed to access your learner account through the Northstar digital literacy learning platform. Following this event you will have the skills to navigate the self-led on demand lessons in the following three areas Essential Computer Skills, Essential Software Skills and Using Technology in Daily Life.

During this event we will cover the basics of the Northstar learning platform, and leveraging your new learner account. The workshop will include an open session Q&A to ensure all participants are comfortable using this tool.

Before this event you will receive an email inviting you to access your Northstar learner account.  To get the most out of this experience please make sure you have accepted the Northstar learner invite.

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* These trainings are intended to be informational and inspiring to help people learn and network as they are either engaging in their programming or determining the next steps. Access Tech devices cannot be obtained by registering as a participant in this training. To obtain a device registration through Tech Up To Get Started or another Access Tech training program is required.
*Each registered participant will receive a Zoom link before registration closes. Please check your spam folder.
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